Hiring Right - 5 Ways To Improve Your Selection Process

The selection process for any role is usually long and complicated, and considering that there is a lot at stake with the wrong hire, it is understandable to be thorough in your search. If you still end-up questioning your hiring decisions, you might want to look at the following pointers to keep in mind during hiring.

Focus on the entire picture

With turn-around time as one of the crucial performance measure in recruitment and the constant pressure from the business to onboard someone quickly, there are chances that you might end up hiring someone hastily who would not be the most suitable choice.

Do not bow down under any unjustified pressure; always follow the thorough process and keep an open communication with the business for correct expectation setting.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Always list down the KSAs (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities) needed in the role and devise your process in a way that covers all the KSAs. Make sure not to involve too many interviewers/decision makers. Each competency should ideally be assessed by a combination of two methods (interviews, psychometric assessments, technical assessments etc.)

Avoid biases

There are a lot of biases like Halo effect , Confirmation bias, Intuition etc. which hinders a rational decision making process. It is always a preemptive measure to make all the interviewers being aware of the existence of such biases before starting off the selection process.

Let the candidates speak

It is always wise to make the candidates comfortable and give them opportunity to open up and talk freely. Once comfortable, the candidates will share their goals and career aspirations and then you can see how much of it matches with the role in question.

Don’t oversell a position

Highlight the critical points in terms of what the position and the organization have to offer but give the candidates some space to take the call. The candidates might get dazzled initially with all the good things but later on realize that this is not something s/he wants.

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