Looking on the bright side - 5 things that you can do in this lockdown for your career

As soon as I formally launched Scalent Solutions, the market saw an unexpected turn of events in-terms of Covid and lockdown. There I was, on one side launching the consultancy with full vigor and on the other side, the entire market was crumbling down. In place of hiring people, companies were/are focusing on firing them. With the news of lockdown taking full shape, I was beginning to start questioning the timing & losing confidence; and was not sure how to utilize this time. Then something inside me said that when does it happen that the entire world stops and if I want to, I can actually turn it into an opportunity to do things that can have a long term impact on my career. As a result of this, I started exploring what all different avenues can working professionals explore to make use of the given time.

  • Learn a new skill: With constantly being engaged at the workplace, professionals hardly get any time to learn a new skill or attend an online course. This is a good time to take up any such course/s on platforms like Coursera, Udemy, upGrad, edX etc.

  • Take a step back and ponder in which direction your career is heading and if there is something different that you'd like to do. With enough thought and action, you might shake things up completely.

  • Keep yourself updated: List down all the articles and books that you have kept bookmarked for so long and do binge reading for a change; try to stay updated with industry news and trends.

  • Attend virtual events like webinars and workshops of your field as well as on career development, overall health that will equip you with life skills.

  • Build online connections: Make use of available social media platforms to increase your online presence.

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