Recruiting Trends 2020

So far, it has surely been a year of cataclysm from Australian wildfires to US-Iran conflict to Covid-19. Especially after Covid-19, a good number of organizations have shifted their base to executing and collaborating over online platforms and this trend is likely to continue even after the pandemic is over as a precautionary measure. With this shift in the overall functioning externally, there will be a lot of impact on how things operate within organizations as well. As a part of these impacts, I've tried to list down some of the recruiting trends for 2020:

  • Artificial Intelligence - AI backed by human judgement will play a significant role in the entire hiring process starting from sourcing, hiring remote workers or even in creating customized value propositions for potential employees.

  • Inbound Marketing in Recruiting - Its a marketing strategy where organizations proactively engage with potential candidates aiming to make these candidates chose them as their future employers.

  • Flexible Workforce - Workforce in today's world consist of full-time employees, contractors, freelancers, etc. Working with independent workers have an upside for both organizations as well as professionals. For organizations, it helps in better resource utilization whereas for professionals, it provides them flexibility to work from anywhere they want.

  • Focus on skills - A big paradigm shift has come from the thought process of tapping into candidates with relevant skills rather than relevant previous experience. It has significantly increased the size of candidate pool to select from for any given role.

  • Collaborative Hiring - Rather than being the responsibility of just the recruitment team, hiring has become a collaborative process where CXOs, Founders, Senior Management, teammates etc. all come together to achieve a common goal.

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